Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Wow so its been a very very long time since I updated. Wince I last updated a lot has happened. We moved from Utah to Texas. We love it here and have really enjoyed it. The trip here was a little crazy. Marc flew down to go to interviews and came home and said we had one week to pack my 6 bedroom home and find a place unseen in Texas to live. I was able to find a 4 bedroom apartment within out price range. We packed everything and left Utah (me in tears along with my family). We left Utah about 8am on friday morning and got to grants NM at about 7pm Friday night. It was a long slow drive. I was following Marc who was driving the U-haul. We had dinner with the boys grandpa and then Marc and I crawled into bed for a few hours of sleep. We woke up at 1am and loaded all the kids up and headed out. We had to be to our apartment by 3:30 saturday afternoon in order to sign papers. If we didnt make it we had to wait until Monday. We got about halfway through texas and relized we were not going to make it because the U-haul was to slow. Marc sent me on ahead. Can I say how scary that was. I had no map or anything just Marcs instructions. I had never driven anywere alone like that before. I did make it at 3:30 on the dot thank you to Marcs brother Jaren who lives in Texas just 10 minutes from our apartment. We got the papers signed and were able to move in. Thank you to all the guys in Jarens ward we were able to unload the whole truck that night and not have to worry about it. So far were loving it here. Now I am going to update you on everyone lol.

Marc is working as a temp. worker for Dell on there assembly line. He is trying to get hired on full time with them doing tech support. He works nights and we all hate it. He leaves at 3pm and gets home at 2am. He then sleeps until 10:30 when I have to leave for work. I get home and see him for 2 hours before he is gone again. The kids dont get to see him except on weekends. We all Hate it.

I am working in Jacksons school as a lunchroom monitor. I love it. I am trying to get hired full time some were in the district so that I can have the same time off as my kids. So far no luck.

Hunter is in the 6th grade now which in Texas means middle school. He is taking band and learning to play the clarinet. He loves it. He also found a soccer team here and just finished up the season. He plays defender.

Haylie is also in the 6th grade and loving school. She is taking drama and LOVES it. She is my happy go lucky girl that has been a big help. She even babysits for me now.

Isaac is in the 5th grade and loving his school. He had to get glasses and looks awsome in them and will finally keep them on. He loves his teacher and for the most part is a happy kid.

Jackson is in the 5th grade and is also loving school. We have had some behavior issues but he seems to work his way out of them pretty ok. He is still a very active kid.

Zander is almost 3 (were did my baby go). He is fully potty trained now (yippee) and a very busy guy. He never stops. He quit taking naps when we moved and still doesnt go to bed until about 9:30 every night. He loves to draw and dance. He also loves to play on the computer.

I tried to upload videos of the kids but its not working. I have to get ready for work so I will try again later.

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  1. You've been busy. Glad everything is good for your kids! I hope Mark and you can see each other more soon. I know what that is like David and I did the same thing for about a year. Only we saw each other for 10 minutes on weekdays and every other saturday I had to work. I really sucked.